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GTA 4 Download For Free Full PC Game

STEAMUNLOCKED: Grand Theft Auto IV Free Download, commonly known as GTA 4, is an open-world action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game was released in April 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. It is the eleventh installment in the Grand Theft Auto series and the first to be released for the seventh generation of consoles. The game is set in Liberty City, a fictional city based in New York City, and follows the story of Niko Bellic, an Eastern European war veteran who comes to the city in search of a better life. Niko gets involved in the criminal underworld of Liberty City and works his way up the ranks, becoming involved in various criminal activities such as theft, drug dealing, and extortion.


GTA 4 PC Download narrative is divided into several missions, each of which follows a particular storyline. The player can choose to undertake these missions in any order, and there are also side missions and mini-games that can be completed to earn money and increase the player’s reputation. GTA 4 features a realistic physics engine, which allows for a more immersive gaming experience.

Grand Theft Auto IV Download also includes a multiplayer mode, which allows players to compete against each other in various game modes such as deathmatch and racing. The game’s multiplayer mode features a ranking system, which allows players to earn points and move up the leaderboards. The game also introduces a cover system, which allows the player to take cover behind objects such as walls and cars during gunfights. This system adds a new layer of strategy to the game, as players must use cover to avoid being shot and to gain an advantage over their enemies.

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Download GTA IV For Free

Grand Theft Auto IV is a dark and gritty game that explores the consequences of a life of crime. Its nuanced story and complex characters make it one of the most memorable entries in the Grand Theft Auto series, and its impact on the gaming industry can still be felt today. Players can travel around the city on foot, by car, or even by helicopter. The game has a variety of weapons that players can use, ranging from pistols and shotguns to rocket launchers and sniper rifles. Players can also use hand-to-hand combat to take down enemies.

One of the unique features of GTA 4 download is the “wanted system,” which determines the level of police attention a player receives based on their criminal activity. The system ranges from one to six stars, with six stars indicating the highest level of police attention. The higher the wanted level, the more difficult it is for the player to evade the police. GTA 4 also has a multiplayer mode, which allows players to play online with up to 16 other players. In multiplayer mode, players can engage in various activities, such as racing, deathmatches, and team-based missions.

The gameplay of GTA IV Free Download

The gameplay in GTA IV Free Download is similar to other games in the series, featuring open-world exploration, a variety of vehicles to drive, and a wide range of weapons to use. However, the game introduces several new features that set it apart from its predecessors. One of the most significant changes is the game’s improved physics engine, which provides more realistic movement and handling for vehicles and characters. This allows for more dynamic and immersive gameplay, particularly during high-speed chases or shootouts.

GTA IV Download also features a new cover system, which allows players to take cover behind objects and shoot from behind them. This adds a new layer of strategy to combat, as players must consider their surroundings and plan their attacks accordingly. Another significant addition is the game’s new morality system, which affects the story and gameplay based on the player’s actions. For example, if the player chooses to spare a character’s life, that character may appear later in the game to help the player. On the other hand, if the player chooses to kill that character, they will not be able to access that character’s help later on.

Missions of GTA IV PC Game Download 

Here are some of the main missions and objectives in GTA 4:

  • The Cousins Bellic: The game’s opening mission, in which Niko arrives in Liberty City to reunite with his cousin Roman and start a new life.
  • It’s Your Call: Niko helps Roman deal with some loan sharks who are harassing him.
  • Three Leaf Clover: One of the game’s most famous missions, in which Niko and a group of criminals rob the Bank of Liberty.
  • The Snow Storm: Niko must help a friend rescue a kidnapped associate from some Russian gangsters.
  • No Love Lost: Niko is hired to kill a member of the Lost biker gang.
  • A Revenger’s Tragedy: The game’s final mission, in which Niko confronts his former friend and boss, Dimitri Rascalov, in a dramatic showdown.

In addition to the main story missions, there are numerous side missions and activities in GTA 4, including:

  • Vigilante missions: In which Niko can pursue and arrest criminals throughout the city.
  • Assassination missions: In which Niko is hired to kill various targets.
  • Stevie’s car theft missions: In which Niko is tasked with stealing and delivering specific vehicles to a car dealer named Stevie.
  • Friend activities: Niko can spend time with various friends and acquaintances in the game, engaging in activities such as bowling, darts, and drinking.
  • Random encounters: Niko may encounter various NPCs throughout the city who need his help with various tasks or are involved in criminal activities.

These missions and activities, along with the game’s immersive open-world environment and diverse cast of characters, make GTA 4 a highly engaging and entertaining game.


Features of GTA IV Full Version Download

  • Realistic graphics: The game features realistic graphics with detailed character models, textures, and lighting effects.
  • Story-driven campaign: The game has a story-driven campaign where players take on the role of Niko Bellic, an Eastern European immigrant trying to make a new life in America.
  • Multiplayer mode: The game features a multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other in various game modes.
  • Variety of vehicles: Players can drive a variety of vehicles in the game, including cars, bikes, boats, and helicopters.
  • Wanted system: The game has a wanted system where players will attract police attention if they commit crimes, leading to chases and shootouts.
  • Character interactions: Players can interact with various characters in the game, building relationships with some and making enemies with others.
  • Mini-games: There are several mini-games in the game, including bowling, darts, and pool.
  • Radio stations: The game features several radio stations with different music genres and talk shows.
  • Realistic physics: The game has realistic physics, with vehicles and objects reacting realistically to player actions.
  • Modding community: The game has a dedicated modding community that has created various mods, including new vehicles, weapons, and missions.
  • Side missions: In addition to the main story campaign, the game has various side missions that players can complete for rewards.
  • Multi-platform availability: The game is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.
  • Cultural references: The game contains numerous cultural references, including references to popular movies, TV shows, and music.

Pros and Cons of GTA 4 For PC Windows 10


  • An immersive open-world environment that allows players to explore and interact with various characters and activities.
  • Realistic graphics and physics add to the game’s immersion.
  • Story-driven campaign with well-developed characters and engaging missions.
  • Multiplayer mode adds to the game’s replayability and social aspect.
  • Wide variety of vehicles and weapons to use.
  • A diverse range of mini-games and side missions to complete.
  • Availability on multiple platforms with modding support, adds to the game’s longevity.


  • Some players may find the game’s mature themes and violent content objectionable.
  • The game’s controls can be complex and difficult to master, especially for new players.
  • The game’s graphics and physics may not be as impressive compared to more recent games.
  • The game’s multiplayer mode can sometimes be unbalanced or prone to glitches.
  • Some missions can be repetitive or frustrating, leading to difficulty in progressing through the story.
  • The game’s performance can be affected by hardware limitations or technical issues.
  • The game’s cultural references may not resonate with all players, leading to some jokes or dialogue falling flat.

Alternatives of Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Red Dead Redemption 2: Made by the same developers, this game offers a similar open-world environment but takes place in the Wild West.
  • Sleeping Dogs: An action-adventure game that takes place in Hong Kong, featuring a mix of combat, driving, and parkour gameplay.
  • Watch Dogs 2: An open-world game set in San Francisco that features hacking and stealth gameplay, as well as a multiplayer mode.
  • Mafia III: Set in a fictional version of New Orleans, this game features a story-driven campaign that takes place in the 1960s.
  • Just Cause 4: Another open-world game that features a variety of vehicles and weapons, as well as the ability to cause chaos and destruction.
  • Saints Row IV: A comedic take on the open-world genre that features over-the-top action and superhero powers.
  • Far Cry 5: Set in Montana, this game features an open-world environment with a mix of action, exploration, and story-driven missions.
  • L.A. Noire: Set in post-WWII Los Angeles, this game features a unique blend of open-world exploration and detective work.
  • Saints Row: The Third: Another entry in the Saints Row series, this game offers a similar mix of humor and over-the-top action as its sequel.
  • Driver San Francisco: An action-driving game that features an open-world environment set in the titular city, as well as a unique mechanic that allows players to “shift” between different vehicles on the fly.

System Requirements:

  • Operating system (e.g. Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Processor (e.g. Intel Core i3, AMD Ryzen 3)
  • RAM (e.g. 4GB, 8GB)
  • Graphics card (e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 7870)
  • Hard drive space (e.g. 50GB, 100GB)

How to Install GTA 4:

  • Download it from the link given below.
  • Ensure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements for GTA 4. These requirements can be found on the game’s packaging or on the retailer’s website.
  • Disable any antivirus or firewall software before installing the game.
  • Insert the game disc into your computer’s CD/DVD drive or open the downloaded setup file.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the game. Make sure to select the appropriate options during the installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the game and follow any additional prompts to set up the game settings.
  • Enjoy playing GTA 4!

FAQs about Grand Theft Auto IV 

What platforms is GTA 4 available on?

GTA 4 is available on several platforms, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. However, the game is no longer available for purchase on digital platforms such as Steam and the Xbox Marketplace due to licensing issues.

What is the storyline of GTA 4?

The storyline of GTA 4 follows protagonist Niko Bellic, an immigrant from Eastern Europe who comes to Liberty City seeking a better life. Niko becomes embroiled in the criminal underworld of Liberty City, completing various missions for different crime bosses.

Is there a multiplayer mode in GTA 4?

Yes, GTA 4 includes a multiplayer mode that allows players to play online with up to 16 other players. The multiplayer mode includes various activities, such as racing, deathmatches, and team-based missions.

What are some of the controversies surrounding GTA 4?

GTA 4 has been the subject of controversy for its depiction of violence, use of in-game advertisements, and portrayal of women and minorities. Some critics argue that the game promotes negative stereotypes and glorifies criminal activity.

Can I mod GTA 4?

Yes, it is possible to mod GTA 4 on a PC. However, modding can be complex and may require technical knowledge. Modding may also affect the game’s performance or stability.

Is GTA 4 still worth playing in 2023?

Despite being over a decade old, GTA 4 is still a highly regarded game with a dedicated fanbase. The game’s engaging storyline, diverse gameplay, and detailed graphics make it a classic that is still worth playing in 2023.


STEAMUNLOCKED: Grand Theft Auto IV Free Download remains a classic entry in the series and a testament to Rockstar’s ability to create engaging and immersive open-world games. While it may not be perfect, it remains a must-play for fans of the genre and those looking for a gripping story and immersive world to explore. However, the game was not without its flaws. Some players found the game’s driving mechanics to be too realistic and difficult, while others criticized the game’s lack of variety in missions and activities. The game’s multiplayer mode was also criticized for being somewhat limited compared to other games in the series.

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